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The first button is for our simple time sheet helper. The second button is for the Formatted Time Sheet Helper. The formatted version displays the time on a worksheet that looks like your timesheet, so that you can copy it onto your time sheet more easily.Both versions you enter your monthly hours, and the calculator tells you what to write in for the first day of each pay period, and gives you a hours only number for the remaining days in each of the pay periods. The goal of this version is to avoid two common errors, and reduce the likely hood of poorly formed number delaying your time sheet. THis version also displays the hours in the new time sheet format.

  • This avoids the error where your time sheet is rejected for claiming too many hours for the first pay period.
  • This time sheet avoids one of the most common reasons for time sheets being rejected: improper calculations.
  • By reducing the number of numbers you have to form (zeroes do not have to be entered in the minutes) this tool will help you to write fewer numbers, and be less likely to have a number mis-read by the machine.
  • Weekly totals for the total boxes (this helps the TPF if the time sheet had poorly formed numbers kick the time sheet into the queue for review).

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