COVID-19 Vaccine Information

San Joaquin County IHSS Providers will start being vaccinated and will receive an alert via text, email or phone call based on their contact information in CMIPS. This alert will tell you when and where you can go to get your vaccination. This vaccination clinic will be exclusively for IHSS Providers, no one else. This will be a drive through clinic, and could take about 2 hours to complete the process. Alerts to Providers will be staggered over the next few weeks, so that wait time can be minimized and vaccine supplies will be readily available. The clinic will be staffed by medical professionals including nurses, paramedics, and clerical staff.

​​​​​​​​​​Gloves and Masks Distribution Info!

Gloves and masks will be distributed during the scheduled days listed below from 9 AM - 12 PM Noon. 


• The distribution will be located at the intersection of South Hunter Street and Parker’s Alley, across the street from the Café at 25 Parkers Alley.
• All individuals must wear a mask, unless they are unable to due to a medical condition.
• Lower your window before you approach the distribution point and make sure you are wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask on you will be waived through, and can return to the line once you are wearing a one.
• Remain in your vehicle, do not exit your vehicle; If you do not have a vehicle you may approach the staff.

COVID-19 Flyers

Tips for Face Coverings

Tips for Face Coverings- Spanish

​COVID-19 Information for Older Adults

COVID -19 Information for Older Adults- Spanish

Managing Stress and Anxiety While Staying at Home

​Managing Stress and Anxiety While Staying at Home-Spanish

COVID-19 Health Information

COVID-19 Health Information- Spanish

​Stop the Spread of Germs

Stop the Spread of Germs-Spanish

​For more information please visit Public Health Services of San Joaquin County

​IHSS providers referred by the county or Public Authority staff to provide emergency back-up services because of circumstances related to COVID-19 will be paid a differential of two dollars above the current county wage rate was extended to 6/30/2021.

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