New FLSA Overtime Program Requirements

This video explains the new program changes that will be implemented on February 1, 2016. 

Overtime Power Point


It has been confirmed that  if you get overtime pay your paycheck stub will reflect straight time for all your hours, and $5 hour for your overtime hours. This might not be conventional, but is correct. Say you submitted a time sheet for 120 hours, working 60 each week. You would expect to see 80 hours regular time and 40 overtime:

Regular 80 x $11.00 = $880

OT 40 x $16.50 = 660

Total = $1,540

Instead you see this:

Regular 120 x $11.00 = $1,320

OT  40 x $5.50 = $220

Total = $1,540

120 hours – 80 hours = 40 OT hours.

Below is more information on the new FLSA/Overtime changes that started February 1, 2016.

If you travel from one recipient to another in the same day you may be eligible for travel time. The SOC 2255 must be properly completed before a travel claim form will be issued. If you have more than two Recipients you provide care to please print page 3 as many times as needed. Please click on travel time for more information.

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