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The Department of Social Services began mailing out Live-In Provider Self-Certification Information Notices to qualified Providers along with the SOC 2298.  If you need a replacement form you may come in or call the office.

The SOC 2298 is a voluntary form that allows you to self-certify that you are living with your Recipient, and allows you to exclude your IHSS income from your Federal Income Taxes (FIT) and withholding. If you choose to not fill out the SOC 2298 nothing will change. Your Federal Income tax withholding will continue to be deducted as normal from your paycheck. If you have any questions you should consult a qualified tax professional.

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>  Live-In Provider Self-Certification Form

> Live-In Provider Self-Certification Cancellation Form 

> IHSS Sick Leave Request Form

> “Medicare Fraud Is a Crime Against Seniors and the Disabled” ​​ by Karen Fletcher and Micki Nozaki


Alzheimer's Virtual Support Groups

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Live In Provider Notice PT 1

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Live-In Provider Notice PT 2

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Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services

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