Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services

San Joaquin County ~ COVID-19 Updated

Introduction and Services

If you would like to apply for services please click below for the application. After sections 1 through 3 are completely filled out fax or mail the form to (209)932-2663 or

Human Services Agnecy, IHSS

PO Box 201056

Stockton, CA 95201

>  IHSS Referral for Service

If you have an active case with IHSS and do not have a provider you can contact 1(800) 491-1996 and we will mail you a list of about 5 Registry Providers that are compatible with your needs that you can interview and hire. All Registry Providers have gone through a background, reference check and orientation. 

** If you are a recipient and need to change your address please contact your social worker as soon as possible.

Below is a Recipient Handbook that can help answer questions you may have about what steps to take after you have been approved for services, how to hire a provider and timesheets etc.

​> Recipient Handbook

Supervising a Provider

Hiring a Provider

Recipient Resources