Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services

San Joaquin County ~ COVID-19 Updated

The IHSS Public Authority was established by local ordinance 4147 in 2002 by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. The IHSS Public Authority is a local government agency created to improve the delivery of services to IHSS recipients and Homecare providers.

In January 2003, the Public Authority officially opened for business and in May 2003, the Public Authority Registry was created. The Registry’s main goal is to assist recipients in finding homecare providers so that they may live safely at home. All Registry services are provided in accordance with the Individual Provider (IP) mode, which guarantees the IHSS recipient’s right to hire, supervise, train, and when necessary, fire the homecare provider.

The IHSS Public Authority is responsible for specific tasks to enhance services to providers and recipients of In-Home Supportive Services in San Joaquin County.

Mission Statement:

To enhance availability of resources, ensure safety, and promote quality service for In-Home Supportive Services consumers.

Values Statement:

The recipient should be able, to the greatest extent possible:

  • Make decisions concerning the services they receive
  • Have assistance in locating IHSS providers
  • Have access to emergency resources
  • Have access to training and learning tools to improve interpersonal skills with IHSS providers 
  • The Public Authority Registry has providers who are available, trustworthy, and reliable to meet the service needs of the recipient

What Does the IHSS Public Authority Do?

  • Operates a registry of available IHSS independent homecare providers
  • Performs reference and background checks
  • Provides lists of screened providers to recipients to interview
  • Helps IHSS recipients conduct interviews to choose a provider
  • Provides a training orientation for new IHSS providers
  • Offers information and training for IHSS recipients on how to hire and supervise providers
  • Provides information to IHSS providers on local training programs in health care professions
  • Assists both recipients and providers in resolving conflicts
  • Serves as employer of record for all independent IHSS providers for collective bargaining purposes​