The Electronic Timesheet System (ETS) is here! Both the Recipient and Provider will need internet access and a valid email address to register. If Recipients do not have internet access they may contact their IHSS Social Worker to get signed up for the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS), this system will allow you to approve or reject Providers timesheets over the phone. 

Benefits of the service include:

¨ You will be able to enter and submit timesheets online

¨ You will no longer be required to mail in paper timesheets

¨ Check timesheet and payment status

¨ Check timesheet history up to the last three months

¨ Request supplemental timesheets

For more information please click here

Recipient EPS Flyer        > Spanish EPS Flyer

Provider EPS Flyer​​

​​To sign up for electronic Timesheets visit the link below

ETS Website

Electronic Timesheets

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