Orientation Calendars

If you already have your provider paperwork please select one of the orientation dates below.

  • Please have all your paperwork completed when attending orientation
  • Orientation is about two hours
  • Parking can be difficult, please arrive early.


* December 2019 Orientation Calendar

* January 2020 Orientation Calendar

* February 2020 Orientation Calendar

* March 2020 Orientation Calendar

* April 2020 Orientation Calendar

*May 2020 Orientation Calendar

* June 2020 Orientation Calendar

* July 2020 Orientation Calendar

* August 2020 Orientation Calendar

* September 2020 Orientation Calendar

* October 2020 Orientation Calendar

* November 2020 Orientation Calendar

* December 2020 Orientation Calendar

​Information that is needed when you call/come in/email:

  1. Recipient's case number or social security number.
  2. Provider's information (name, address, phone number, SSN, date of birth and email address if applicable).
  3. Date provider started providing care.
  4. Date previous Provider stopped providing care (if applicable).
  5. Provider's relationship to recipient, if any.
  6. Staff will also need to verbally verify with Recipient that they hired a new provider. If the Recipient is unable to verify we will need to speak with a representative. 

You may either come into our office, contact us at 1(800) 491-1996 or submit the form below and a Provider enrollment packet will be mailed to you. 

Providers who have completed a background check and orientation in another County please let us know. You may not have to repeat the process.

​​Provider Enrollment 

If you are providing care for a Recipient, you must follow state law requirements including attend and orientation, complete a provider enrollment packet, pay for a Department of Justice criminal background check and meet the background requirements. If you have muliple clients in this County, you need only one background check. If you have previously been an IHSS Provider and it has been a year since you stopped working you must complete a DOJ background check again.

This is only for clients who have already been approved for services. If you have not applied for services yet, please call 209-468-1104 to begin your application for IHSS.

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